Dad’s Camping Night!

What an amazing time to see dad’s interacting with their kids! I feel honored to serve at Head Start and work with their incredible staff and the families there. DADS MATTER! Click the image box below and then scroll or arrow down to see our dad’s in action!

Dads Camping Night Success

Wow! What a night. We ended up having 180 people attend this event–150 dads & kids, and 30 volunteers! We planned a night for dads focused on food, Firemen, Policeman, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. It was great to see the kids and dads interacting with all the volunteers (see pictures here). We used this event to […]

Aurora Co-parenting Update

Our Co-parenting Pilot Grant continues to roll along. We had our first Stakeholders/ Community Meeting with about 20 individuals representing organizations throughout Aurora. It was a great morning of input. This will help Dr. Steve Scott & I to continue the process of fine tuning. It was very encouraging to see the continued excitement around […]

Dad’s Affordable Camping Spots in the Denver-Metro Area!

Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, CO Campground Fees $20/night Contact Information: Bear Creek Lake Park Visitor Center 15600 W. Morrison Rd. Lakewood, CO 80465 Direct: 303-697-6159 | Email: Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Golden, CO RV and tent camping is available year round but can only be reserved for ARRIVAL dates between the Friday before […]

Dad’s Camping Essentials

            Camping SHORT Checklist Advance camping permit/reservations 25 feet of rope (for food storage) Food container, backpack or bag Hammer (for grounding tent pegs) Tent with tent pegs Sleeping bag First aid kit Cooking utensils Trash bag Food Water container Matches Flashlight and batteries Insect repellent Sun screen Warm clothes […]

Jefferson County Head Start Partnership & Contract!

Jefferson County Head Start is proud to partner with Glass Hearts in serving and supporting young dads!  After two years of dedication and support from Glass Hearts, we are excited to announce that we have developed an excellent partnership with a contract that focuses on the specific needs of young fathers. The evidence is clear […]

Head Start Dads!

  Often times persistence pays off, and in this case with Head Start it did! We are thrilled to have a relationship that offers some assistance on the financial side and solidifies our role within their community. I will be contracted to work 10 hours per week to start the process of building the fatherhood […]

Aurora Pilot Grant Update!

Dr. Steve Scott and Glass Hearts continue to make great progress on this pilot program. The deeper we go in talking to young parents, community members, and community professionals the more we see the overwhelming need for building parenting and relationship skills into young co-parents. We had our first meeting with co-parenting young parents to understand this […]

Pilot Grant Success!

We applied and have been approved for a pilot grant to spend the next year working alongside Dr. Scott, and the Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program (CAMP) in Aurora.This exciting opportunity will revolve around creating a customized approach to support young & new parents in the area of co-parenting and conflict resolution.The facts tell us that 90% […]

Living Like Spongebob!

      I don’t know too many people who have Spongebob’s attitude in life—unwavering, constant zest for life! But, the reality is that I am not one of those people. I strive to be more positive and see the “opportunity” in failure, but like most, I continue to be a “work in progress”! There is […]