Glass Hearts was founded in 2011 to walk alongside the underserved that society seems to ignore. The more involved we became, the more we faced to deal with the reality of generations being raised within a fatherless society. It was crystal clear that they could no longer keep our head in the sand and avoid the pain and destruction in our communities. Therefore, Glass Hearts provide a safe place for young dads to deal with real issue such as: finding a job and moving towards a career, abusive background, fear, anxiety, loss of identity, education needs, job skills, parenting, and many more.

It is clear in our experience that we all have glass hearts, scarred hearts that have been broken in some way. It is in “community” that these unique broken shards can be gathered and meticulously melded back together. In the end, it is love that serves as a glazier that connects our wounded hearts, building them into a “stained glass” masterpiece—a community of complex mosaics. This arduous, but beautiful, process brings wholeness and join us together to form a diverse and profound community.