The Ghost of Our Children’s Future

[tentblogger-youtubeuR9mCDPIDi8]I recently watched Interstellar with my family. I find Christopher Nolan interesting– especially since I have always been intrigued by “time” and “gravity”. My two oldest sons really enjoyed this movie (we had some great conversation about it), but one particular quote has stuck with me since seeing it, “Once you’re a parent, you’re a ghost of your children’s future,” which as part of the larger quote:

You have to talk to me Murph. I need to fix this before I go. After you kids came along, your mom, she said something to me I never quite understood. She said, ‘Now we’re just here to be memories for our kids.’ I think I now understand what she meant. Once you’re a parent, you’re the ghost of your children’s future.

Like many things in life these words could be interpreted different ways. They reminded me of the three ghosts that Scrooge was visited by in The Christmas Carol. One of the ghosts is The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

As a parent, I live knowing my sons will go through life and be encouraged by me to either become the man they were uniquely created to be, or I am well aware they can also be haunted by the words and actions they have experienced with, and from me. And further, upon them becoming a parent, and someday my passing through the thin veil into the continued life, they could become haunted by the memories of me. What a power we have as parents!

I talk of this concept a LOT with the many men I meet with. Most of these are men, younger dads, who live in the conflict of “The Present” which represents what Scrooge can have, and they can have if they are willing to face the “ghosts” in their lives. As well, I try to help them understand that if we form a habit of making good, wise choices “The Present” turns into a new future.

My desire is to continue to allow my gifting to be used to help these young dads to be seen, experience a safe place, released into what they were created to be, encouraged by other dads, and most importantly, experience being loved!

PS: As “dads” think of the fact that since we have a child we are a “father”, the fact we are alive means we experienced birth which makes us a “son” and we will some day be a “ghost” or “spirit”…