Pilot Grant Success!

We applied and have been approved for a pilot grant to spend the next year working alongside Dr. Scott, and the Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program (CAMP) in Aurora.This exciting opportunity will revolve around creating a customized approach to support young & new parents in the area of co-parenting and conflict resolution.The facts tell us that 90% of teens and young adults that have a baby do NOT stay together. In most cases our desire would be for these young couples to stay together, but this is truly out of our control. There is often chaos, instability, and a reduced role of the fathers at the critical time of the first year of a babies life.   

Hanging HeadThe Colorado Clinical & Transitional Science Institute (CCTSI) Community Engagement Grant is through Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment (CFPHE). We are honored they have chosen our program to participate in this!

Our goal over the next year is to create concrete ways to help both parents take responsibility by: (1) Understanding how critical each of their roles are in the physical, mental, and emotional growth of their child, (2) Assist these parents in forming strong conflict resolution skills as they work together in raising their child (3) Help them clearly understand that they will co-parent for the rest of their child’s life and give them resources to work together and put their personal issues aside. 

We will be working individually, and with focus groups, in the months ahead. We will draw from community partners and young parents to fully understand the issues that are being lived out on a daily basis within so many of these young parents lives. Please contact Glass Hearts if you would like to participate with us in this process over the next year!

This is a tremendous opportunity for Glass Hearts and we are honored to work with such an amazing person, Dr. Scott, and with the gifted team that CAMP has in place!