Head Start Movie Night!

Friday night was our Head Start Movie Night! It was cold, and it was icy, but we still had some dads and excited kiddos brave the night to come out and watch the classic Pixar Movie, “Cars”. We ate popcorn, had some lemonade, and enjoyed the movie lighting up the gym. As well, it gave me an opportunity to connect with the dads and share the list below of “dad activities”. Research has shown that having bonding/intimate time with our children when they are birth-five years old can make a significant difference as they get older. I was recently talking to a doctor who said that just having a young dad hear the beating sound of his unborn child dramatically increases the likelihood of that dad bonding with his child. Please check out the list below. Most of these are for younger children, BUT, some of these are timeless in the sense our kids never get to old to have a place for these activities in their lives!


GH Dad Activities11.14