Aurora Pilot Grant Update!

Dr. Steve Scott and Glass Hearts continue to make great progress on this pilot program. The deeper we go in talking to young parents, community members, and community professionals the more we see the overwhelming need for building parenting and relationship skills into young co-parents.
We had our first meeting with co-parenting young parents to understand this issue from their perspective. Their honesty and openness was refreshing! Overall the major issues that arose were: lack of trust, confusion around mom and dad roles, family involvement, and lack of healthy models. Two major statements stand out to me from this time:
“I have a problem trusting. It’s hard to open up to him. Hard to trust him with my baby. Every male has left me so its hard to see him staying.” Young Mom
“I have never seen a father that is a positive role model.” Young Dad & Mom
We continue to move forward in building a framework that will allow us to work with young parents on their co-parenting goals and skills. At every turn, we see that long-term investment is the only way this will work. While society loves, 6-week classes, or “book studies”, it is going to take a much more planned out path to offer long-term success with these young parents!
There is a building excitement around offering a tool that can play a significant role in assisting both young moms & young dads in becoming better parents to their children–no matter what happens in their relationship as a couple!